Data HK – How to Protect Personal Data in the HK Prize Competition

HK Prize is a cash prize awarded to individuals who have come up with innovative ideas for financial technology projects that aim to improve Hong Kong’s data infrastructure, empower the industry, and promote financial inclusion. It is part of the HKMA’s Fintech 2025 strategy to strengthen Hong Kong’s financial technology ecosystem and encourage creativity in developing innovative finance products and services.

The HK Prize has become one of the world’s leading prizes in the field of fintech innovation and has attracted many submissions from local and global innovators. In the past, it was awarded to entrepreneurs who came up with groundbreaking ideas for mobile apps that could help consumers manage their finances, but this year it will also be given to people whose innovations can boost productivity or help businesses operate more efficiently.

In addition to monetary awards, the HK Prize will award winners with a platform for sharing their ideas and a community of peers to provide feedback on the solutions they are developing. This will enable them to make informed decisions about what to prioritize and how best to implement their ideas. As the competition grows, it has become increasingly important for entrants to prepare and present their ideas in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd.

To increase their chances of winning, entrants should ensure that they meet all of the criteria set by the judges. This includes providing clear, concise, and accurate information in their application. They should also be prepared to respond quickly to any questions the judges may have about their application. Finally, they should be ready to make changes as needed throughout the process.

Several data privacy regimes have elements of extra-territorial application, but the jurisdiction of the PDPO extends only to personal data processed in Hong Kong. To determine whether a data transfer is within the scope of the PDPO, consider first whether the data user has operations controlling the collection, holding, processing or use of personal data in, or from, Hong Kong. If so, then the PDPO’s obligations in respect of the transfer will apply.

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