The HK Prize and the HK Film Awards

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HK Prize is one of Asia’s premier awards and draws thousands of applicants each year. In addition to a substantial monetary award, winners also gain access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. Symbolized by pearls and jade, the prestigious award promotes scientific innovation, international cooperation, and high moral standards in the workplace.

The HK Prize was established in 2015 to recognize outstanding contributions toward world civilisation and social harmony, with particular emphasis on Hong Kong researchers’ innovations with direct and profound ramifications for business, finance, and engineering applications. The nomination process involves a rigorous review of academic papers (clinical studies and observational or epidemiological studies are not eligible), with no limitation on the number of submissions.

Nominations are made by a committee of academics from the University, with final selection and announcement at an awards ceremony held in June each year. The HK Prize is supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Society for Global Hong Kong Studies is the official organiser of the award.

Despite experiencing tough years, Hong Kong’s spirit of resilience and compassion remains undimmed, according to the judges of this year’s HK Prize. The winners were selected in categories including community, culture, innovation, leadership, sustainability, and youth. They were chosen because they “exemplify the Hong Kong spirit even in the most difficult times,” acting as honorable ambassadors of their city.

The HK Film Awards are the annual film awards of the Hong Kong Filmmakers’ Association Ltd. Its judging panel is composed of members of the associations representing thirteen professional film bodies in Hong Kong and some international eminent individuals invited by the Organising Committee. Voting is conducted January through March each year for eligible films. This year’s lifetime achievement award went to Michael Hui, who shaped Hong Kong comedic cinema with classics like Private Eyes and Security Unlimited. He also received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Hong Kong. The winner of the best screenplay was written by a member of the committee. The Hong Kong Film Awards will be presented on 15 March 2022 at the Regal cinema in Causeway Bay. The ceremony will be streamed live online at The full list of nominees can be found here. Those interested in attending the event can register here.