The HK Prize

The hk prize is an award given to individuals who demonstrate the true spirit of Hong Kong. This award was created to honor heroes that are often overlooked and underappreciated by the general public. These heroes might not be famous, but they make a huge difference in the lives of their communities. They might be good Samaritans, selfless caregivers or even survivors against all odds. They all embody the true spirit of Hong Kong and inspire others with their dedication and hard work.

The winner of the hk prize will receive significant monetary reward, which will help them with their future endeavors. In addition, the winner will be able to access top research facilities in Hong Kong. Additionally, the winner will also be able to gain international exposure for their work. In this way, the hk prize can have an extraordinary impact on the winners’ career and life.

For this reason, the hk prize is a highly competitive event that attracts thousands of applicants annually. This year, the prize received over 100 nominations from all over the world. The winning finalists will be announced at the end of this month. Among the finalists is a scientist who has developed a device to help homeless students, and an artist who interprets human rights concepts into fine art.

HK Prize is an award administered by the University of Hong Kong in memory of George B. Endacott, who was responsible, almost single-handedly, for the re-establishment of the Department of History after the Second World War. A gift of HK$100,000 was donated by friends and members of the staff of the Department, and matched under the Sixth Round Government Matching Scheme. It was arranged that the balance of the Endacott fund be allocated to this prize, which is to be awarded to a third-year student with the best result in History.

The HK Prize is a merit-based award sponsored by Hong Kong Alliance of Technology and Innovation and banked by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited. The charter is designed to promote scientific and standardized management of the award, as well as to ensure that all reviews are performed professionally and objectively. The review process is independent, and no organization or individual can exert undue influence on the results of the review. It is also a requirement that awardees support the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and hold high social morality and professional ethics. The HK Prize will be presented at an annual ceremony in Hong Kong. In the past, celebrities and politicians have joined the celebrations.