The Sidney Prize

sidney prize

The Sidney prize is an annual scholarship awarded to a student who has shown exceptional promise in their field. It is awarded on the recommendation of the Head of Department. The prize is intended to recognise the student’s contribution to their studies and the department as a whole.

The prize is offered to a student who achieves outstanding results in their first year of study. They must have enrolled for that year in the School of Social Sciences and must meet the criteria for entry as set by the Chair of the Faculty.

They must be able to show that they have a good knowledge of the social sciences and have a sound grasp of how these disciplines relate to each other. They must also have a good understanding of how to communicate their ideas and research in an effective manner.

This is a very prestigious award and the winning candidate will be invited to attend the presentation ceremony at the University of Sydney. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their work in a highly respected environment, and it will help them progress to the next stage of their academic careers.

In addition to this award, the College offers a number of other prizes for students. In particular, the English department awards the Sidney Cox Memorial Prize for a piece of undergraduate writing that most nearly meets the high standards set by Professor Cox.

There is also a prize for the best paper written by a student in Art History, which was established in 2009 in memory of the late Professor Sidney Thomas (1915-2009). He was an extraordinary teacher and researcher, whose commitment to humanistic scholarship was unrivalled.

A key feature of the prize is its recognition of the enduring importance of art in our society. It is therefore important to reward those who continue to explore this long-standing and often challenging area of study.

The prize is also an opportunity for the Department of Art History to encourage the development of research in art history and to highlight the work of those who are bringing new perspectives to their studies of art. It is also a great way for students to make their mark on the University and to develop skills in research, which can then be used to advance their careers.

It is a real privilege to offer this award, and to have the opportunity to be part of such an exciting and rewarding academic community at the University of Sydney. The winner of the prize will receive a substantial scholarship, as well as a personal prize.

They must be able to demonstrate that they have made an exceptional contribution to the field of their choice and have a strong record in their studies. They must also be able to show that their contribution has enhanced the reputation of the Department and the School of Art and Design as a whole.

The winner will be chosen by a committee consisting of the President of the Sydney Peace Foundation, Professor Noam Chomsky and former president Mary Robinson. They will be presented with their prize at the Sydney Peace Foundation’s annual celebration of peace in November.