What is the Hongkong Prize?

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The hong kong prize is one of Asia’s premier awards, drawing thousands of applicants each year. It recognises scientific research with significant societal benefit and encourages young people to follow their passions while broadening their global perspectives. In addition to a monetary award, the winners of the prize will be given access to some of Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. The prize aims to promote scientific research with high moral integrity and foster international cooperation.

The Prize is awarded to individuals or teams that have made outstanding contributions in mathematical research with a wide range of applications. It is one of the most prestigious and well-recognised prizes in the world, with an impressive history dating back more than 30 years. The Prize has been awarded to over 100 scientists from around the world, including many Nobel laureates. The winner of the hongkong prize will receive a monetary prize and have access to Hong Kong’s top-notch research facilities for six months, allowing them to expand their knowledge base and enhance their professional expertise in one of the world’s leading science hubs.

Winners of the hongkong prize are often people who have accomplished incredible things in their lives, inspiring others to follow their example. Past recipients have included a man who uses technology to help homeless people and an artist who reinterprets human rights concepts into fine art themes.

This award is aimed at students from secondary level educational institutions who have been nominated by their teachers. The winners compete for judges’ prizes and teacher prizes; in addition, they can take part in seminars or research internships hosted by Hong Kong universities and laboratories to meet cutting-edge scientists.

The hongkong prize was founded in 1996 by friends and students of the late scholar Dr John D. Young to commemorate his contribution to Asian history. Its symbol combines the pearl and pierced jade amulet to express a Chinese-style sense of harmony. It is an annual award that is recognised by scholars and experts from all over the world. It has a great impact on the development of scientific research in Hong Kong and even beyond. It has become a valuable incentive for local researchers and has helped them gain recognition in the community, the Mainland and the world. It has also enhanced Hong Kong’s image as a technologically advanced city and attracted more attention to its scientific achievements. The hongkong prize is an excellent way to celebrate the work of Hong Kong’s people.